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Welcome to Central Perth Elementary School. We are a rural K-8 school with just over 160 students in the region of Perth East known as Wartburg in Ellice Township. We enjoy a large yard and a forest area in which to learn and play. We value outdoor learning and physical activity and enjoy soccer, gaga ball, 3 sets of swings, tetherball, 2 sets of equipment, and a newly installed volleyball pit!
Central Perth recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. This event certainly highlighted the strong ties our school has with generations of families who have come to this school. We are proud of our strong academic achievement and a school culture that promotes well-being. We value our relationships with each other as students, staff and with our school community. We welcome you to come in to see what our school has to offer: beautiful, large Kindergarten rooms, a full-size gym and library, access to current technology including a Learning Commons and enough devices for each student to use their own.
I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to be principal in the community in which I live and where my own children attended not long ago! Please reach out for more information at any time.
Carol Rauser, Principal

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